Terms of Use

With the present it is declared that this site and booking services, is under ownership and function of Thess Transfer Services, Owner Company and Manager of the following site,

With the use of booking services straight from Thess Transfer Services or through other channels of distribution, that is linked sites, and with the acceptance of resignation from claims, you agree to commit to the following terms of use:

Thess Transfer Services offers to its web users, the immediate clients and agents, data and services that are offered by the collaborating parts. Through the specific booking system the final user can book and pay for the transfer services in all available destinations.

Every service and products are subject to the present terms of use. Additionally, each service offered after the use of the application is subject to the terms of use of the local collaborating partner (taxi company, individual drivers, transfer companies)

The terms of every service provider are available to the client after demand.

Thess Transfer Services is not responsible for matters that emerge from collaborating parts other than those provided through this booking system.

In any case of disagreement or if you are not completely satisfied with the terms, your license of any relevant service is automatically suspended.

Confirmation of Booking


Immediately after the user fills in the fields in the booking form with all the details of the booking and completes the procedure, a confirmation e-mail will be received with all the details of the booking. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the company in case of not receiving the confirmation mail or whether some of the reservation details are not correct.

Please print and save these details in your personal file.

Any change in the details of transfer is subject to the following charges of change. Additionally, every cancellation is subject to the following charges of cancellation.


  1. Changes 11 or more days before the day of transfer are not charged.
  2. Changes 10 to 4 days before the day of transfer are charged 5 EUR.
  3. Changes at the last 3 days before the day of transfer are charged 10 EUR.
  4. Changes at the last 12 hours before the day of transfer cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Please note: you can ‘freeze’ any reservation and use it for your future trip, within a 6 month period from the original booking. (If you don’t use the service in due time you are not entitled to refund.) The ‘freezing’ of the reservation will be charged 10 EUR. The option of ‘freezing’ is not available for notice sooner than 24 hours before the day of booking. You can ‘freeze’ your booking just once.
  6. In the case you need an extra vehicle (for example, for excessive or oversize luggage, more passengers, etc) there will be an extra charge for this vehicle. Unusual demands that are not included in the reservation form are welcome, and our team will try to cover any need. However, there is no guarantee that these demands will be satisfied. The cost of transfer covers all possible charges, including waiting time after the landing of the flight.


Important Note:


We will do our best to satisfy requests for last minute changes (last 24 hours), including routes not offered by our system, extra vehicles, etc, nevertheless no guarantee can be granted for the above.

Cancellation charges

The cancellation request is exclusively written via e-mail. In any case, you will be charged 5% of the original cost, plus the following charges:

  1. No charge for cancellations 20 or more days before the day of transfer.
  2. Cancellations 19 to 10 days before the day of transfer are charged 10 EUR.
  3. Cancellations 9 to 2 days before the day of transfer are charged 20 EUR.
  4. No refund results for cancellations 24 hours before the transfer or in case you don’t appear at the time of booking.

More significant issues

We check all the arrivals for possible delays, so we will be waiting until you land. In the unlike case that the driver and the client cannot successfully meet, we will try to contact the client by phone. It is the client’s responsibility, however, to provide a valid phone number (international code included) during the booking procedure. In the case of not having done so, the client is the only responsible for contacting with Thess Transfer Services and informing us for possible delays or problems of locating the driver.

No refund in case:

  1. The client doesn’t provide a valid phone number and doesn’t contact the 24 hour emergency number (it appears both in the confirmation message and the receipt), thus missing the transfer.
  2. The client doesn’t provide correct travel information (flight number, time of arrival, etc.) thus missing the transfer, because we will not have the proper data to check the arrival.
  3. Drivers reserve the right to exclude passengers that show inappropriate behavior. In such cases there is no refund and in the case of proven damage inflicted, there will be a prosecution and demand of refund.


In the unlikely case of service failure, the client is entitled to refund that equals to the amount already given. No other claims are accepted. Thess Transfer Services is not responsible for demands exceeding the amount paid by the client.

Insured Vehicles

Concerning all issues of insurance for the services provided, it is clearly stated and accepted that since Thess Transfer Services is collaborating with vehicles with legally compulsory insurance, the owner of the vehicle is fully responsible for it.

Data Protection

Thess Transfer Services provides discretion in all clients’ data management. Electronic payments are guaranteed.


All travel services, planning, coding, graphics, etc, of this website are protected by laws for copyright. Any use without written certification is considered law violation. In the case of no written statement, Thess Transfer Services and its partners don’t allow anyone to use any item concerning patent, trademark, or commercial information that appears.

Thess Transfer Services reserves every legal right to adapt and change the terms of use without warning. The use of this service will always be aligned.  In case of a disagreement concerning the services or any of the the terms, the Greek Courts will solve it.

Baggage Estimation

Acceptable limit per person up to 180cc volume, and up to 20 kg weight.



  1. one L (100) plus one M (70)
  2. one L (100) plus one S (50) plus one C (30)

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